October 3rd, 2004


Kees Torn & Matthias Giesen – Gekke ventjes (04-048)

Kees Torn & Matthias Giesen – Gekke ventjes (04-048)

Number: 04-048
Title: Gekke ventjes
Author: Kees Torn & Matthias Giesen
Language: Dutch
Year: 1996
# Pages: 72 (9269)
Category: Humor/Poetry
ISBN: 90-6806-255-7

Torn is a singer songwriter though he doubles as a comic performer as well. I didn’t know some of his songs had been published as well, until I bumped into this little book in the bargain bin of a warehouse. Every song by him has been used as a source of inspiration for cartoonist Giesen, an old friend of him.

And as ever, one attempt at translation:

Strange trait of character!
Grandpa (father’s side)
Only needed one look
At a woman to see what she was like

Women with endless
Depths in their cleavage
Were stupid
Superficial and flat

Again, it loses in translation, especially when you translate someone as gifted with words as Torn.