October 7th, 2004


Tony Hawks – One hit wonderland (04-049)

Tony Hawks – One hit wonderland (04-049)

Number: 04-049
Title: One hit wonderland
Author: Tony Hawks
Language: English
Year: 2002
# Pages: 325 (9594)
Category: Travel/Humour
ISBN: 0-091-88210-9

Hawks is famous for his travel stories based on mad bets. His first book ‘Round Ireland with a fridge’ was hilarious. His second story ‘Playing the Moldovans at tennis’ was great. This is his third bet, hence his third book.

To be honest, it didn’t hit the spot the first two books did. The idea is funny: Within a year Hawks needs to have a top twenty hit anywhere in the world. The way he tries to reach this isn’t bad either. Just, for the first time, one notices that this isn’t the only thing he does. The first two bets seem to have taken him all his time for a while, now you just know that he uses the bet as a means of travelling through various parts of the world, where he then suddenly remembers the dinner party he attended and the girl he took the bet with.

Nashville therefore is a predictable first destination. Sudan has been implemented into the book, as he went there for charity anyway. His visit to the Netherlands can’t be taken seriously, which leaves the Rumanian and Albanian episodes as the core of the book.

Hawks is funny; he is a great observer, makes fun of himself, a lot of things most British people are good at. Yet his third attempt is surfing on the waves of his bigger successes. Still enjoyable to read, not a classic.
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