October 9th, 2004



Listening to last nights presidential debate, I keep wondering. In every single answer that Bush gives is either a lie or a stupid thought. Often both. All he does is trying to justify his big mistakes and attack Kerry on his supposed incosistency. I'm no fan of Kerry, but anyone must be better than Bush. I can't imagine that, even if you're right wing, one could happily vote for Bush. How can you vote for a proven liar, for someone who's obviously there for the power, for the money, not for the sake of his country?

Hugo Borst – Alle ballen op Heintje (04-050)

Hugo Borst – Alle ballen op Heintje (04-050)

Number: 04-050
Title: Alle ballen op Heintje - Jeugdherinneringen
Author: Hugo Borst
Language: Dutch
Year: 2004
# Pages: 62 (9656)
Category: Sports (Football)
ISBN: 90-853-1011-3

Nowadays every football fan in the Netherlands will know Borst as a pundit who isn’t afraid to give a controversial opinion. He is a writing journalist though, mostly about sports, football in particular, though he also writes columns about sex, about Rotterdam and about sports in general. Some of his short stories are highlights in the Hard Gras series.

This book is a collection of memories. He looks back at his own playing days, when he ended up playing in one team with Heintje, their big star. This was also the moment he realised that he would never make it as a football star himself.

Looking back at his playing days he describes great events. Ordinary things make for good material, the way he describes them is both recognisable, though also of simplicity that makes the amateur jealous. In the end of the book he meets Heintje again. They both have grown up, though Heintje never became the star everybody expected him to be. Working on the road as a construction worker, Borst invites his former team mate to look back at their team, the under 14’s in 1974. A nice way to end the memoirs of a team.