October 13th, 2004


John D. MacDonald – The dreadful lemon sky (04-051)

John D. MacDonald – The dreadful lemon sky (04-051)

Number: 04-051
Title: The dreadful lemon sky
Author: John D. MacDonald
Language: English (United States)
Year: 1974
# Pages: 272 (9928)
Category: Whodunit

Another book in the series about Travis McGee. Not his best one I have to say. While in previous books I have been slurped into the book, by the sheer force of the story, this time I was confused and not really motivated to keep reading.

An old flame asks Travis to keep some money safe for her. She pays him well, but also tells him that should she not come back to pick it up, he has to take it to her sister. Obviously (yes it is predictable) she dies in a car crash soon afterwards. Travis is curious, so instead of just doing as he was told, he tries to find out what happened. After a lot of shit stirring, drugs all over the place and a few more deaths, he finds out the truth.

Pick another one in this series, MacDonald can write, but this book seems to me written to close to his deadline.
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