November 27th, 2004



I have been missing out on LJ a bit too much lately. Too many obligations, I should get my life sorted. And write more. Certainly write more.

Mart Smeets – Spelen (04-056)

Mart Smeets – Spelen (04-056)

Number: 04-056
Title: Spelen
Author: Mart Smeets
Language: Dutch
Year: 2004
# Pages: 206 (10926)
Category: Sport
ISBN: 90-204-0641-8

Smeets is a writing machine. He becomes a nice little earner for his publisher, whenever there is a big sporting event, they ask him to write a book. He obliges using his collection of memories as a base, his years of experience certainly are not a disadvantage.

As a boy Smeets collects pictures with the weekly shopping, in 1972 he suddenly becomes an Olympic reporter, when a young journalist is needed to follow the events after the tragic death of Israelian sporters. From there his Olympic career starts up until today.

Nice anecdotes, a view behind the screens, some great opinions, several stories about sporters. Smeets has them all. Problems as Smeets also has to report on the Tour de France, sometimes flying from France to the next venue.

Smeets leaves out the winter Olympics, so in a year and a half, just before the Turin Olympics we can expect a similar book like this.