December 12th, 2004


footy update

Drinking so much that a bucket standing next to the bed is necessary is not really a good preparation for a game. Luckily it seemed that our opponents today had had more or less the same evening last night. 0-1 at halftime was okay, we were still in there with a chance. A few mistakes from our defense later it was 0-3. Game over. If it wasn't for me scoring and soon another one of us followed. 2-3 and a real match again. After 2-4 followed 3-4, but in the end we lost 3-6. Another home defeat. Extra disadvantage: at 3-4 I tried to head a ball, but the goalie was there first. In this collision my head took a blow. Tiny bit dizzy for the rest of the match, but we had no substitutes left, so I finished the game anyway.

Halfway through the season, winterstop now. 12 matches played. 4 victories, 8 defeats. 9th or 10th out of 12 in the table. Personal score: Played 11, scored 14 goals, handfull assists to go with it. Not good enough.