February 10th, 2005



Gandhi quote of the day:

"The spirit of democracy cannot be imposed from without. It has to come from within."
Fokke en Sukke

Concert Memories (15), Boegies + Tröckener Kecks

Boegies and Tröckener Kecks
Burgerweeshuis, Deventer, Late 1987

I was 17 and a fan of the Kecks, a new and upcoming Dutch band. Coming from a small town I had never been to a club to see a concert, this time I got permission from my parents to go. Together with Ben, a friend from the next village, we took our bike and went to Deventer, nearly two hours in a cold winter night. Everything for our new favourite band.

We were early, obviously. One soft drink before the gig, then into the concert hall to get a good place. We were lucky: front row was still possible. First we had to wait for the opening act of the evening. A punk band from the north, I had seen them on TV once, a song titled ‘Meh’ which immediately has the whole title as lyrics. Standing on the front row I saw their play list, which they had written down on a sheet and cello taped to a speaker in front of them. Nearly thirty songs, I was amazed. In my head I started calculating (as I love to do), an hour and a half at least, then reset the stage, the Kecks, encore and two hours cycling again, this could become a long night.

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