December 6th, 2005

Picton, fjord

Second look (32)

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A maquette is nothing special. It is more special when it stands in town center, for all to see. Unfortunately not everyone can see. So for the blind the city of Münster made a special maquette. With an explanation in braille on the side. Even with braille on the main buildings (Dom, town hall, Lambertikirche). So even if you can't see anything, you still know where you've been walking.

My students have to do a guided tour for other students. One of them last year tried to convince her group that she could read braille. Convincingly she puts her fingers on the 'letters' and tells her group what has been written. Someone wanted to know why she was able to read braille. "My nephew is deaf as well", she told the group. Not until much later she realised she had been caught.