January 9th, 2007


Michael Moore & Kathleen Glynn – Adventures in a TV nation (06-088)

Michael Moore & Kathleen Glynn – Adventures in a TV nation (06-088)

One day I noticed a TV-series from the USA titled TV Nation. It showed some weirdo with a cap making funny little documentaries and interviews with one thing in common: even though they were always very critical about some things in American society, they always did so with a wink; they kept their sense of humour.

This surprised me. Not only do I find British humour far superior to American, throughout the last decade or so, criticizing the government or the country had become very rare in the US, was my impression. I enjoyed watching the episodes, and then watched the reruns for the few I had missed the first time round. Michael Moore went on to direct Bowling for Columbine and won an Oscar, then tried to get rid of George W. Bush by making Fahrenheit 9/11. He became quite famous, is an understatement.

This book tells the story of the television show TV nation. It was fun to read how he and his team got some ideas and made them into pieces for the show. I was extremely disappointed to notice that several pieces never made it to air, as the network complained. Worse even, Moore did some self censoring knowing he would end up in trouble otherwise. For the freedom fighter he pretends to be, or likes to presents himself as, this book shows him as the next television maker who does as he’s told. Put your money where your mouth is, instead of talk the word of the one who pays you, seems a reasonable advice.

But all in all I enjoyed reading this book, the useless facts throughout the book are funny, some of the experiments (trying to see where a taxi drivers stops: for a white criminal or for a black actor) are shocking. Others are not funny at all (Dr. Death, the Commie-truck). Yet, I am glad I’ve read the book after I enjoyed the series. Looking forward to new movies by Moore!

Number: 06-088
Title: Adventures in a TV Nation
Author: Michael Moore & Kathleen Glynn
Language: English (US)
Year: 1998
# Pages: 254 (16768)
Category: Non fiction
ISBN: 0-330-42766-0