March 5th, 2007


Letterbocks Top Tips from the pages of Viz (07-004)

Letterbocks Top Tips from the pages of Viz (07-004)

Summer 1991 I worked in France, though for an English company. My colleagues introduced me to a magazine called Viz. Obviously something for the students we were in those days, but as it is difficult to get hold of a copy of the magazine, it still is funny after all those years. They have published several books, this is one of them.

A few examples of the top tips Viz gives us readers:

“When travelling by bus always take a Polaroid photo of the queue so that when the bus arrives any arguments about people ‘pushing in’ can easily be settled.”

“Don’t change you trousers simply because the pockets are full. Add extra pockets by suspending old socks from the belt loops.”

“Don’t waste money on these expensive ‘binoculars’. Simply stand closer to the object you wish to see.”

And this goes on the whole book. 500 handy hints it says on the front page. Given that, it certainly would be a helpful hint to tell readers not to read more than a couple of pages at the time. One question bugs me. I can tell that several (most? All?) have been made up by the editors who wrote the magazine, yet some look like they may heave been sent by readers. Do people really send in their top tips?

Number: 07-004
Title: Letterbocks Top Tips from the pages of Viz
Author: Several
Language: English (UK)
Year: 1994
# Pages: 95 (717)
Category: Humor
ISBN: 1-870870-51-4