April 10th, 2007


Dan Turell – Mord in der Dämmerung (07-009)

Dan Turell – Mord in der Dämmerung (07-009)

Sometimes one finds an author who is worth reading. Dan Turell certainly fits the bill. Yet unfortunately he happens to be a Danish writer who is not translated as often as I would like. 4 of his books have made it into Dutch. Even less into English I believe. And as Danish is not a language I can read, I have resorted to reading his books in German. So I have to surf the German version of Amazon once in a while to get a new book by Turell.

The main character in his books remains nameless; we know he is a journalist; he is also a cynic with a great sense of justice and a similar sense of humour. In all cases he works unofficially together with Inspector Ehlers, a friendship considered beneficial by both, often frowned upon by strangers.

In this book our friend strolls through Copenhagen and bumps into a jazz festival. On stage an old friend, back from the days he was a musician himself. After the pause the guitar player drops dead on stage. Drugs? Murder? Who can tell…

Number: 07-009
Title: Mord in der Dämmerung (Orig.: Mord I Myldretiden)
Author: Dan Turell
Language: German (Danish)
Year: 2006 (1985)
# Pages: 236 (1365)
Category: Whodunnit
ISBN: 978-3-404-15479-1