April 14th, 2007


Arundhati Roy – Het einde van illusies (07-010)

Arundhati Roy – Het einde van illusies (07-010)

Roy became famous when her first novel “The god of small things” won the Booker Prize in 1997. A promising career as a novelist seemed the next step, yet things are not always as they seem. Roy became an activist, the prize and the financial independency obtained through her debut, gave her enough opportunities to do what she wanted.

Apart from actually being in the front line during protests, she used her time to write essays. Two of these essays are in this book. Both of them are very interesting and eye opening for the punter I consider myself after reading this book. The project of the Narmada Dam is changing lives for millions of Indians, yet the government is eager to continue building this dam, even though it looks like they haven’t even done proper research about the effects of this dam to environment and the local population.

India’s start of a nuclear program (1998) did not really make Roy a happier person. Her second essay explains why.

Two essays, both well written, both well researched, Roy has convinced me of her good heart. Then again, I’d still rather read a second fiction novel by her. Not alone because it is nicer to read, but also because the world we live in has apparently improved enough for her to direct her energy and talent towards fiction. Unfortunately, I don’t see that happen soon though.

Number: 07-010
Title: Het einde van illusies (The Cost of Living)
Author: Arundhati Roy
Language: Dutch (English)
Year: 1999
# Pages: 116 (1481)
Category: Essays
ISBN: 90-5333-886-1