September 2nd, 2007


Paul Theroux – Soerabaja (07-028)

Paul Theroux – Soerabaja (07-028)

This book only exists in Dutch; it is a compilation of short stories by Theroux. Travel stories obviously, as that is his genre most of the time. The stories come from two different volumes in English, ‘World’s End and Other Stories’ and ‘Sinning with Annie and Other Stories’.

Most stories seem to follow a similar pattern. Someone working abroad (journalist, aid workers, teachers) trying to find a life in a strange country. This is not easy, broken marriages and lonely people are the logical result.

I like reading Theroux, though I prefer his novels, where his characters get more depth.

Number: 07-028
Title: Soerabaya
Author: Paul Theroux
Language: Dutch (orig.: English)
Year: 1993 (Orig.: 1969-1980)
# Pages: 151 (4891)
Category: Travel
ISBN: 90-254-9912-0