November 3rd, 2007


Worst album ever

I have decided to play all my CD's at least once, in alphabetical order. I got to the 'L' today. After Kula Shaker and the Lemonheads, I arrived at John Lennon. I picked the first CD (I own two, several LP's and tapes as well) and got remembered again why I hadn't played this album for decades.

The album provoked quite a lot of reactions when it was released in 1968. The cover had to be invisible in many countries, hence the album was sold in a paper bag, so nobody could see the happy but naked cover. I was born just over a year after the release, so obviously I didn't notice much about the controversy until many years later.

By then Lennon had been killed. I was ten years old and had only just discovered his music. (my LJ-entry on december 8, 2004. I became a fan later and by the time I lived in Amsterdam, near proper music stores, I started buying loads of CD's. At some point I was eager to buy something, yet couldn't find something new that was good enough or not in my collection already. I ended up buying this album. I was getting politically motivated and decided that if society didn't want the album, I sure did.

The CD had the cover exactly opposite from the original album. This meant the back side, quite literally in this case, was the front.

When I played the album at home, I couldn't believe what I had bought. The thought of a misprint even sprang to mind. Then I read about it in my musical encyclopedia. It was meant to be like this. 29 minutes of continuous noise. Experimental they called it in the late sixties. Apparently on the LP the tracks were even named, but on the CD it was only one single track of nearly half an hour.

From that moment on, I understood why so many people blamed Yoko for splitting up the Beatles. Just by listening to her on this CD, I agreed with them. Out of pride I didn't go back to the store. However bad it was, this album had made history. Therefore I wanted to own it, to leave it proudly in my collection.

I guess today, a decade and a half further, was the second time I played the album. But I am still proud to be the owner of the worst album ever made.

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