November 13th, 2007


Günter Grass – De blikken trommel

Günter Grass – De blikken trommel (07-047)

I have enjoyed reading Grass. Especially Im Krebsgang is one of the books I treasure. His master piece ‘Die Blechtrommel’ has been high on my list TBR ever since.

Last January I started reading it during my annual school trip to Austria. It began slowly, but I’ve encountered that in more of his books. By the time I got home, I read a few chapters before going to sleep, but after a couple of weeks I got bored and read some other books first. Once in a while, in between, I read a few more chapters.

It could be me, my way of not reading it intensely, but I never got into the book as I hoped. Nothing wrong with the story of little Oskar and his little tin drums, but it just never got exciting. I know I’m supposed to see through the main story and find several layers, but apart from the story itself, I only read a history of the Third Reich from within, though not clear or all entailing, hence not really interesting either.

All in all, I did finish it, which means I was curious enough what would happen with Oskar, but I was thoroughly disappointed. Having found out during the last few years that he also lied about his own role during WW2, having read his supposed master piece, Grass has fallen from grace.

Read well: All this is only my opinion. Grass won a Nobel price for literature in 1999. According to me, his best book stems from 2002.

Number: 07-047
Title: De blikken trammel (Orig.: Die Blechtrommel)
Author: Günter Grass
Language: Dutch (Orig.: German)
Year: 2004 (orig.: 1959)
# Pages: 639 (8226)
Category: Literature
ISBN: 90-290-7618-6