November 22nd, 2007


Philip de Vos – Moenie ‘n mielie kielie nie

Philip de Vos – Moenie ‘n mielie kielie nie (07-054)

When in Rome do as the Romans. So when in South Africa on holiday, I try to read something in Afrikaans. Not an impossible task, as the language resembles Dutch quite a lot. To be sure that I was able to read it, the obvious choice was a children’s book. And with a collection of children’s books in many languages, an extra book is always welcome.

This book has a little verse on every page. Some of them were really nice, some not as good, very few impossible to understand. I liked this one:

was ‘n ridder
op ‘n hobbelperd
was ’n feetjie
in ’n skoolkonsert
ál wat bly
as ek nou soek,
is twee ou kiekies
in ‘n boek

Number: 07-054
Title: Moenie ‘n mielie kielie nie!
Author: Philip de Vos
Language: Afrikaans
Year: 1995
# Pages: 55 (9944)
Category: Children
ISBN: 0-7981-3465-8