December 24th, 2007

Driving lesson

Failed project

A couple of weeks ago my car reached 88888 kilometers. It reminded me of a failed project 11.111 kilometers ago. Since I own a digital camera I take my camera with me often, mostly to shoot pictures for the series On my way to work. But about two years ago (I can't find the post actually, but I know it exists) I took a picture of 66666.

Soon afterwards I thought 5 sevens would be fun, but nothing new. It would be even better if below there were 4 more sevens as well. The daycounter, or the counter I use to see how many kms one tank of petrol will get me. So calculating back, at 76999 km, in the middle of the motorway I reset the counter to zero, knowing that there would be only 100 meter to take that particular picture with 9 sevens on the display.

A week or so later, I was nearly there. Before driving home I took a picture:


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