January 10th, 2008



As probably anyone who knows me only slightly will know, I enjoy reading. A lot. Tonight I went to see a public appearance in my hometown from a famous Dutch author (Tommy Wieringa for those of you who really want to know, he has been translated, most famous book: Joe Speedboat). He was interviewed, answered questions from the audience and read some chapters from his novels and some columns. Afterwards he signed books, so my collection now has another autographed book.

More importantly I sat behind the teacher from first grade. At age six, she taught me how to read and write. I used to be quite good (and fast) at calculations. She admitted that I had beaten her several times, finishing my sums before she had done them herself. She was very interested in what became of me, my parents and my little sister.

After over thirty years I finally had the chance to thank her for teaching me how to read. It seemed appropriate.