January 12th, 2008



Only two chairs and a table, one can hardly call it a home, but we are being welcomed as if entering a castle. The boys walk out again, back to their laundry, Isaac is looking a bit shy towards the unexpected visitors. Our guide is curious and starts asking questions.

Img_1262_1Earlier that morning our guide took us to Soweto. We had hired him, as Soweto can be a labyrinth of little villages and shantytowns for the outsiders we are. And for a place where officially a couple of million people live, though estimated at least double, that would be too much, even for experienced travellers. Our first impression wasn’t bad. Diepkloof, the first township, could be the suburb from any provincial city back home. There are nice houses, but also some blocks that could have easily been part of a concentration camp. We visit the informal market, the heart of the community, where many poor struggler is trying to make a living.Collapse )