March 13th, 2008


Charles M. Schulz – Buon natale, Charlie Brown

Charles M. Schulz – Buon natale, Charlie Brown (08-002)

I felt brave. Twice in a couple of months I was in Italy. The idea came that I managed quite well in the lingo. Hence I need to expand my vocabulary. And as an avid reader, several bookshops were on my itinerary anyway. I had to stick to a simple book. Unfortunately I didn’t bump into Asterix nor Garfield.

The choice fell on Snoopy. A Christmas edition, even though it had just turned 2008. Not my book normally, but easy enough in Italian and fun to read in between two novels. And it helps to speak the lingo a bit better. I guess.

Number: 08-002
Title: Buon Natale, Charlie Brown
Author: Charles M. Schulz
Language: Italian (orig.: English)
Year: 2005 (orig. 1983/1984)
# Pages: 144 (668)
Category: Comics
ISBN: 88-8089-420-X