April 17th, 2008


Roberto Perrone – Diguinho siamo noi

Roberto Perrone – Diguinho siamo noi (08-016)

When in Rome, do as the Romans. I was in Rome, started reading this book on the airport on my way out, but gave up after half a page. After two days in Rome, I decided to give it a go anyway. I had another week in Italy to go, so I would be listening to Italian for quite a few more days.

Obviously I picked a children’s book, even a book about football, to make it easy for myself. When reading it, I had to think about a lesson in 3rd grade, over two decades ago. We got a list of Swedish words; we had to study it for five minutes, and then got an article in Swedish. After that we had to answer questions about the article. The theory worked. If you know three of the five most important words in a sentence (in this sentence that would be: know, three, five, words, sentence), you are able to understand that particular sentence. So with very limited knowledge of a language, one can still read in that language.

This was exactly the case when reading this book. I didn’t know every word. Not even close. But I understood the story. I knew some of the words, recognized some because they resembled Spanish and deducted some of the other important ones. Enough to be able to continue the story.

A young Brazilian sensation arrives at Inter and because he is unknown nobody expects anything. Before he realizes, he becomes a superstar. His life changes obviously. Wrong friends, advisers who have only interest, themselves and a huge amount of publicity. Diguinho can’t cope and isn’t even good enough anymore for the ‘primavera’ team. But some of his young fans become his friends and help him come back. And because any children’s book has to have a happy ending, he does manage to come back to Serie A.

Quote: “Nonna Pilar era intima amica del presidente dell’Inter, che era passato poco prima e l’aveva salutata con grande affetto.” (Page 176)

Translation (probably not completely correct, but hey, one can but try): “Grandma Pilar was an intimate friend of the President of Inter, who had just passed and who greeted her with a lot of affection.”

Number: 08-016
Title: Diguinho siamo noi
Author: Roberto Perrone
Language: Italian
Year: 2007
# Pages: 185 (3195)
Category: Youth (sports)
ISBN: 978-88-451-4434-9