May 21st, 2008

Picton, fjord

Weird people

Teaching is usually fun. Students can be a nuisance, a lot of them will be at some point. But I like my job. Then again, sometimes somethings happens that makes me wonder about mankind. In the same corridor I usually work even. It makes you think what goes on in people's mind.

Since a while I have posted pictures with my posts here in LJ. It livens things up. Sometimes a picture is a post. No need for text. This time the picture is hidden. I do not want to confront coincidental visitors of this LJ with this picture. But I know many of you are curious enough to want to know what I am talking about. You could consider downloading the picture.

Download Bah.JPG (342.9K)

But don't come complaining to me afterwards if you're disgusted. I did warn you after all.