May 29th, 2008

Picton, fjord

Gerbie watches YouTube (22)

A quarter of a century ago I was a big U2 fan. I listened to 'War' every day, discovered 'Boy' and 'October'. I bought singles for their b-sides and 12inches for a remix. 'The unforgettable fire' was due to come out and I was looking forward to the new album.

Every tuesday morning I took a radio to school. I didn't own a walkman yet, so I had to take a portable radio, on top of my schoolbag, to listen to my favourite radio show at the time. The local DJ introduced a German artist to the Netherlands. Herbert Grönemeyer had just made a great album '4630 Bochum' with a great song on it. 'Flugzeuge im bauch' is still one of my all time favourites.

Come 2007, Grönemeyer is performing in Rostock, a manisfestation. He is playing 'Mensch' from the album with the same name, great tune. Then somebody enters the stage. A familiar face, someone who has been trying to save the world for ages. He joins in. Bono singing in German, I never thought I'd see that day. He reads the lyrics from a note. Pronounces word badly. Hasn't got a clue what he is singing, even sings the wrong lines with the tune. But it is still Bono singing.

Two of my childhood heroes on one stage. I wish I had seen it with my own eyes. I'm almost back feeling a teenager.