February 22nd, 2009


Everybody loves good neighbours

Together with your next door neighbour you build a garage. Nice work, you get along fine, you help eacht other and from that day on, your car is parked nice and neatly behind your home. Always a good solution in a busy street.

One detail: To reach your garage, you have to use his driveway. Not a real problem, you never park there, you just want to get to your own garage.

Then something happens. An argument, a fight. The next day your neighbour tells you, you can't use his driveway anymore. He immediately starts building a little wall. There is nothing you can do, the wall is on his property. When it's finished, only a small pushbike can still reach your garage. No way a car can get there anymore. Your garage is useless. And you have to park your car elsewhere again.