March 28th, 2009


Valparaiso, Chile

Strolling around with no direction in a city I don't know yet. One of my favourite passtimes. In Valparaiso, a coastal town in Chile, I walk in one of the higher parts of the city and encounter many nice views. At one point, the improvised football pitch draws my attention. My route is even visible. I came from up high, just above the pitch, continued heading downhill, underneath the pitch. Just a nice stop in the middle to enjoy the great view and snap a picture.

Years later I found out that that wasn't as normal as it seems. A friend of mine is coïncidentally walking more or less the same route. And his eye does the same as mine. He wants to take a picture as well. His camera was a bit more expensive than mine or he was just unlucky. Anyway, he was robbed and never saw the picture. When he told me the story I searched my archives and found this shot. He confirmed it was exactly the picture he was hoping to take.