March 10th, 2011


Music meme, part twenty four

Day 24 - A song that you want to play at your funeral

As with the previous edition of this meme, I am not planning a funeral any time soon. But I'm afraid that someday it is inevitable. At least I haven't heard of anybody who has managed to keep the grim reaper out.

It is a popular question, I've heard it before. But to be honest, it is not up to me to decide. Even though technically I will be there, I guess I won't be hearing much of any music by the time we get there. Having said that, I have found some songs at funeral services very appropriate and well chosen. Sometimes you realize that the family didn't have a clue and just picked something from the funeral top ten, hence to overestimation of Elton John and the horrible Nessu dormo.

There is however one song I have said in the past they can play at my wedding. The song is from nearly a quarter of a century ago. The lyrics are very good. Cynical, but good. The song was on a great album by the Dutch band Fatal flowers. It was never a hit, not even released as a single. Therefore I was surprised to see that there are over 2000 hits when googling that song. Though obviously it is not available on YouTube or similar sites.

It is possible to download a live version though here

Fatal Flowers - Dear Friends

Well I'm so glad you could make it
I'm so glad you could come
You must be pretty busy
There's always work to be done
Maybe you'll get lucky, and get your face on tv
There ain't nothing like a funeral;
Food and drinks for free

Tears get shed and stories get told,
Oh what more can you do
And there goes old Frank headin' for the booze
He always kind of hated me, why I never knew
But I'm sure that even my funeral
Is gonna get a bad review

Say goodbye dear friends,
'Cause today the story ends
Say goodbye dear friends,
Oh until we meet again

All them pretty girls they all stand in line
Minds on vacation, bodies doin' overtime
And all them v.i.p.'s tryin' so hard to make it work
Small time heroes, big time jerks

Say goodbye dear friends,
'Cause today the story ends
There ain't no use sticking around,
You see hey I'm heaven bound