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Günter Grass – Kat en muis (03-017)

Günter Grass – Kat en muis (03-017)

Walking in town, I had over two hours to pass. Yet no book, hence run into a second hand shop and buy a nice pocket. I had just finished “Im Krebsgang” not too long before, therefore I had the urge to read some more by Grass. This short novel is about Joachim Mahlke, leader of a group of youngster is Danzig, then still a German city, we’re talking beginning of WWII. Nowadays that city is called Gdansk. Mahlke and his friends love swimming, they are on the water a lot. We see them grow up, we see them become adults. The weird leader of the gang turns out different, not surprisingly.

This short novel disappointed me. Not that it is very bad, I was looking for more surprise, for more things to actually happen. It didn’t. Had it been a big book, I probably wouldn’t have finished it, yet as a short novel, it didn’t matter. It did take me much longer than I anticipated though.

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