The more traveling I do, the more wise I become (gerbie) wrote,
The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

And even more books

After my ten cents books I have done a bit better, some really good ones:

36. Ed McBain-Bread
Can't go wrong with inspector Carella. I have read dozens with him by now I guess, I'm surprised I'm still finding new ones, though McBain has been writing two a year for decades now, I probably have a few more to go.

37. Alex Garland-The beach
Yes I am a backpacker and no I haven't seen the movie. Bought it secondhand, had to know what all the fuzz is about. Light reading material and I can imagine why this has become such a hit. Though I did find some flaws, but that's probably me again being overly critical. Don't know if I want to see the movie now, as a lot of stuff is about his mind, and the images that appear after excessive druguse. Nice idea though. Maybe Thailand should appear on one of my itineraries someday. Then again, it is exactly the beaten track they are trying to get away from in the book. Already met backpackers who've been to the site where the film was made. See also my previous newsletter (gerbie on tour 26).

38. Carol O'Connell-The man who lied to women
Category: whodunnit, I read in some bookshop is the name for it. I hadn't heard the categoryname before but it's the one. Enjoyed reading it, even though it would never be considered for the nobel prize of literature, but I like the idea of a strong female main character who is very bright as well.

39. Harold Pinter-The birthday party
I'm not a big fan of reading plays, though I remember reading Ionesco (la cantatrice chauve) in French classes and enjoying it. This one was a bit weird though. I am still not sure if I missed something, or if it was fairly simple. Should probably see it, to judge it. Can't anymore, out of rulation for over 30 years..

40. Leopold von Sacher-Masoch - Venus in furs
Mid nineteenth century erotic literature. Know your classics, his surname gives it away. The man who gave masochism it's name. Fairly psychological book though, though it has the occasional whip in it for the real fans. Interesting read, lots of mind games going on. The main character volunteers to be a slave of the woman who he adores, who reluctantly grants him his wish.
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