The more traveling I do, the more wise I become (gerbie) wrote,
The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

Peter Moore - The full Montezuma (03-020)

Peter Moore - The full Montezuma (03-020)

Moore is an Australian who loves to travel. Nothing special there. During my travel days I found Ozzies everywhere, they are good travellers. They have to be, they are far from everywhere. While in Australia myself I discovered his writing. Not only that, I learned to appreciate it. As I wrote in reviewing his first book (Wrong way home), he writes the stories I would love to write myself. He is a backpacker, yet not a nerd. He is a traveller, but not a tourist. He manages to balance on the thin wire between all that is bad about tourism and the anthropologist that everybody tries to avoid.

This book is about travelling through central America. He does this together with his new girlfriend, the girl he used next to. So everywhere in the book she is called the Girl Next Door, or GND in short. I liked reading about their relation, as I know how difficult it is to travel with someone else. This is one charm of the book.

The area he travels through is very nice as well, as I went there myself about a year later, sometimes even taking the exact route he took. And again the power of observation wins me over completely. Share the same views and know how to write them down properly and you've written a great book. Peter Moore has done just that.
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