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Rick de Leeuw – Planeet jeugd (03-023)

Rick de Leeuw – Planeet jeugd (03-023)

I do not read poetry very often, but this is one of the exceptions to that rule. In his former life De Leeuw was the singer of one my favourite bands, Tröckener kecks. Nowadays he is thinking what to do, performing as a professional guest on tv-shows, especially in Belgium. On one of these shows he does a poem every week. This book is a collection of it.

The poems are the thoughts he couldn’t turn into songs for his band, because it wouldn’t be appropriate for them. Yet he felt the need to write them down. The result is poetry that isn’t standard, sometimes resembles lyrics to a song, but are also original therefore.

Just an example:

een jongen nog

daar zit hij, een jongen nog
gevangen in een lichaam niet van hem
maar van een man die in weinig nog lijkt
op wat hem voor ogen stond
toen hij zo oud was als de zoon
door wiens ogen hij steeds vaker
naar zichzelf kijkt

still a boy

there he is, still a boy
caught in a body not his
but of a man who resembles very little
what he had in mind
whose eyes he uses more and more often
at the age of the son
to look at himself

Several very good ones in this book. I did think some of the lyrics of the Kecks worthy of publishing as poetry, this book proves that point.
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