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Mart Smeets – 100 mannen (03-031)

Mart Smeets – 100 mannen (03-031)

Smeets writes columns, many of them. With the Tour de France coming up, it is time for the annual ‘milk the punter’-collection of columns. This time at least he has done the effort to write something especially for the occasion. This occasion obviously being 100 years of Tour de France. Hence Smeets writes 100 chapters on 100 cyclists. Mostly nice little portraits with some defining anecdote. I just think that he had 47 nice characters, then had to find 53 others as well to make sure the book fits. Some stories are therefore not up to scratch. Which is a shame, as he does have so much experience after following the Tour for 3 decades, that he must be able to tell more than he does here.

Best bit of the book is the last chapter in which his alter ego Stijn Miller dreams of the Tour in which all these 100 stars drive 3 stages of a special celebratory Tour. Smeets’ way of trying to answer the question everyone wants to know: Who was the best cyclist in 100 years of Tour de France.

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