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Antjie Krog – Relaas van een moord (03-042)

Antjie Krog – Relaas van een moord (03-042)

Translated from Afrikaans, the name of the author is a bit of a giveaway actually. For such a small book, barely 90 pages, the time span of the story is quite extensively. The book tells the story of a murder, through the eyes of a white woman, who already supported the ANC while it was still underground. So apart from a murder story, this is also a political novel. And in both murders and politics the question of good and bad is an obvious one. It does get difficult when the two mingle. Interesting plot, yet I feel that there is a much bigger book possible with this plot and these characters. Obviously, leaving out big chunks of time makes one’s imagination work overtime, but I still felt a part unfulfilled after completing the book. Concluding: I love the genre, consider it a good plot, enjoyed reading it, but feel that it could have been a brilliant book. Lost opportunity.

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