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Iain Banks – Dead air (03-043)

Iain Banks – Dead air (03-043)

Dead air is an expression used amongst radio professionals, describing time on air that nothing is heard. The main character in the latest Banks-novel is a disk jockey in London. Off course he is Scottish, actually he is not much of a DJ, he resembles more the shock jockeys in the style of Howard Stern. He is at a friend’s party throwing things of the balcony on the parking lot hundred feet below, way down; when in New York two planes fly into the WTC.

Ken Nott has a lot in him that I recognize in me. On the other hand, he is not the most sympathetic person you will encounter. Yet his ideas are correct, but that doesn’t make him a good person automatically. Throughout the book we follow him through a series of occurrences that at first might seem completely unrelated, yet are more intertwined than our vivid imagination can come up with.

Banks is one of my favourite authors. Not every book by him is good, I am yet to try a sci-fi novel by him, but he has written some of the best books of the last decade. This book is up there as well. I really enjoyed reading it and can remember many happy hours sitting in a Cuban park getting to the end so soon that I ended up reading it within 2 days and having to resort to a local bookshop to get something to read. At the moment I would say the best book published in 2002.

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