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The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Por la libre (03-044)

Gabriel Garcia Marquez - Por la libre (03-044)

After nearly two weeks into my holiday I had finished all books I had taken. Not a bad sign, just meant I needed a new book, and I needed it quick. So with the supply of English books next to zero, I had to resort to a Spanish book. I have read Spanish books in the past, yet I also realised that a complete or epic novel is too complicated for my language skills. GGM has been one of favourites for a decade and a half I guess, but he has written so many books, it is nearly impossible to keep up. Some of his smaller novels I managed in Spanish, his masterpiece, 100 years of solitude, in translation.

Luckily I bumped into this book, volume 4 of a series of his work as a journalist (Obra Periodista 1974 - 1975), so I decided to spend a few dollars on this one. I have not regretted it for one second. The very first story about Chile dragged me into it, with a former CIA-agent confessing the scary role the Americans played in the coup of 1973. I'm still wondering, how, when this article has been published first in Colombia in 1974, Kissinger ever won the Nobel peace prize.

The story on his visit to Cuba was very interesting to read, while visiting the island myself. His admiration for Fidel is well known; though I had expected GGM to be able to divide his political preference to the reality, therefore I consider this story to be under his level. Yet in the end I knew a lot more about a lot of things that happened in recent history. Angola, Congo, Vietnam, Colombia, Cuba, are clearer to me now. I got to know about Philip Agee, Miguel Enriquez, Rodolfo Walsh, Jaime Bateman, Alberto Camps and many others. The Spanish wasn't too difficult, especially as the articles were never longer than 30 pages.

GGM is not just a great author; he is also a great journalist. His work gives me plenty to look forward to. Love in times of Cholera is waiting for me. So is another volume of his journalistic work.
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