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The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

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Watched a fun movie friday night on tv. Argentinian. Some village in Patagonia did not have any tv, nor phone, nor radio. Hence they had no clue what happened elsewhere in the world, apart from one movie that came every month and was played in the cinema. Usually that movie was cut and pasted several times, after being played hundreds of times in Buenos Aires, other cities and even prisons before coming way down south. Result is that a whole generation cannot talk normal, because they only see movies with weird conversations and words pasted into the wrong place.

Other fun aspect was the local scientist who finds out all kinds of stuff, not knowing that others have done those inventions ages ago. The whole village than celebrates and he goes of to the city to sell his theory for money, always returning back disilusioned. `Todo es relativo` (Einstein), `Todo es sexo` (Freud) and `Todos somos iguales` (Marx) were great interruptions in the all day life of the little town.

Fun movie. Hunted by the wind would be the English translation of the title I guess.
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