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Helen Fielding – Bridget Jones, the edge of reason (03-048)

Helen Fielding – Bridget Jones, the edge of reason (03-048)

Typical chick lit, but to keep up to date, one has to read a lot of genres. I did read the first book a couple of years ago and was entertained, so when I saw this book ring, I decided to join it.

Her diary as before gets important stats as her weight, the number of cigarettes she smokes and the number of times she thinks of her boyfriend. Apart from that, her life has the same problems as most single women in their thirties. And we’ve all read the first book, so I’m wondering what the second book adds to that. Yet I still managed to read 30-40 pages every night before sleeping and managed to get through the over 400 pages (too much) in just over a week.

Bridget is not a very likeable person. Her troubles with her boyfriend are not special; there are too many self help books involved that it becomes difficult to come up with yet another funny title. And the book even has a happy end, given everything that happens in the book very unlikely. Somehow I fear that this book has been written with the success of the first one in mind and the possibility to turn this one into a movie has to be taken in account as well.

But after all that comment, I have got to conclude that it can’t be all bad. I did finish the book after all. And I did even enjoy some of the entries of her diary. As long as you do not expect a masterpiece, I think this can be an entertaining read. Perhaps for single ladies the story hits home more times than for me.

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