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I noticed that ikilled007 has been suspended. Which I think is a shame, as he makes for interesting reading on LJ. Those of you who have seen his journal will understand what I mean. I don´t think there is anybody on LJ whose idea´s about politics, and therefore life, are as far from mine than his, but I´d rather read something I disagree with, than what I already know. His way of discussing wasn´t always very nice either, yet he certainly is intelligent, which makes him a worthy partner.

The post that got him suspended was just a silly piece of humour, not even written by himself. Just one of those mails that float around the web. The only mistake he made - though imho it was not even a mistake - is copy and paste a joke about muslims into the wrong community.

He published the warning he got in his LJ, even though the abuse team apparently does not want that. He already announced that he wouldn´t back of, therefore he ended up being suspended. Knowing his strong convictions, he will not apologize, hence we will not see him again around here.

However often I disagreed with him, which was nearly always, I still feel that in this case he is not to blame. He was intolerant, but at least you knew it. The intolerance of the abuse team in this case is wrong. LJ will be more boring thanx to them. A shame.
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