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Ben Elton – High society (03-052)

Ben Elton – High society (03-052)

Elton is an excellent observer. Apart from that he dares to think out of the ordinary. This combination is a guarantee for original ideas. In High Society he sees that the war on drugs has been lost. Wherever you go around the world, there are always people addicted to drug. But why is one drug taxed (alcohol), another one more or less accepted (marihuana) and yet another one (cocaine) completely forbidden? There doesn’t seem to be any logic in it.

Pop star Tommy Hanson and politician Peter Paget have got more in common than they realise. The last one has the opportunity to change from an anonymous MP to a progressive front runner in the war against drugs. He wants to legalize them. To avoid criminality, to control what happens, to improve the country. At first his ideas were ridiculed, later the ideas find a broad base. It almost seems that the people see the common sense in these wild ideas.

Apart from Tommy and Peter, there is a whole cast of interesting characters involved in this story, all in some way connected to these two and their cry for change in a country that is conservative to say the least.

Elton writes another masterpiece, which is nearly impossible to put down. He is always aware of the time he lives in and knows how to keep his audience happy. One of the best books of this year!

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