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Ed van Thijn – BM (03-053)

Ed van Thijn – BM (03-053)

Another book ring I joined. This is certainly a book I would not have bought myself. But as I am interested in politics, this book definitely suits me. Mr. van Thijn became mayor of Amsterdam in from 1983 until 1994. This is his story about the decade he was the boss in one of the most interesting capitals in the world. He was never my favourite politician, but I did like him. His integrity seemed fairly high, unlike most others politicians.

The book is an easy read, given the subject perhaps too easy. This is immediately one of the problems I have with the book. Several subjects seem to be jotted down in a very simplified way. Next to that, the book seems to be van Thijn´s way of explaining or even justifying every single decision he took during his decade in power. The few small mistakes appear to be just there to avoid having to say he made any big ones. I don’t believe that. Everybody does.

So, even though I finished the book and still don’t think of him as a complete arsehole. And even though it is not a bad book, I was disappointed with its shallowness. Perhaps it should have a sticker on the front cover: Politics explained to adolescents.
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