The more traveling I do, the more wise I become (gerbie) wrote,
The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

It's back

The almost famous what have I read lately book reports by Gerbie. It's been a while, on the road finding a plughole sometimes is a problem, especially when living in my car for days running sometimes. But I still do keep reading. So here we go:

63. John Preston - Ink

Swapped this one for the Ben Elton (number 49) in Sydney. The english-swedish girl who was the previous owner recommended it to me as it was comparable to Filth by Irvine Welsh (number 5). I'm not sure if I agree with her, but I found it an interesting read. The main character is a journalist in Fleet street London, beginning of the eighties. Lots of things happening with reorganisations, papers being taken over, modernization, new buildings and the lot. In between this he is having the journo's equivalent of a writer's block and coincidentally ends up tying the two things he is told to do together into a new story, though it is fairly unbelievable. Nioe plot, I'm not sure about the ending. Does anyone know if this is his only novel?

64. FHM - The best of barroom jokes and true stories

Okay, possibly I shouldn't count this one, as it is not really a book, but with the full 64 pages, I decided to incluide it in the list anyway. Ideal toilet literature, also given the toilet humour included.

65. Bill Bryson - The lost continent

I do admit having avoided Bryson for over 5 years. His name was too often in the bestsellers list, his acclaim too universal. If you're inbetween Steele, King and Grisham, it's best to be avoided is my theory. I was wrong. This American travel writer is worth being read. He deserves to be on the bestsellerlist. Having lived in the UK for a while, he goes back to his native USA, where he tours twice through the country, observing it as an outsider. Being the traveller I am very pleases to see that we share opinions on Savannah and Charleston, two hidden treasures of the USA. Some of his observations are brilliant, some I could have done myself, but whatever you think of his opinion, his style makes you want to read on. He looks at the details and hates being a tourist and therefore getting ripped off. It makes you want to go to a lot of these places just to see if he's really telling the truth, because he seems to be making some things up, even though this fits entirely within the concept of the book, it is not annoying at all. Makes me want to publish my travel stories as well. Anybody knows a publisher???

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