The more traveling I do, the more wise I become (gerbie) wrote,
The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

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Gerbie on tour (18)

Hi everyone. It'll probably be clear for everyone now that I am in Sydney at the moment and that in the near future I will be working as a volunteer during the Olympics. The travel news therefore is not as extended. So as
it is very limited I might as well start off with it.

The famous harbor bridge (nominated as one of a few dozen to be named one of the 7 world wonders) has been walked by me. Apart from that I stood on top of one of the pylons, which has a brilliant view over the harbor and the
rest of the city. After that I continued to Manly, one of the northern suburbs, from where the ferry took me back, through the harbor into town again. A nice trip.

I have found lodging in the meantime. After my last newsletter I had several questions where I was staying at the time, not in a park or under a bridge hopefully. The hostel I stayed in at the time will close after this
weekend, to make big buck during the games. I am sharing an apartment now in Cogee, near the beach, with 4 other Dutch people. It is not very big, expensive as well, but in comparison to the hotel prices, we've got a good deal

I have had the first training's for my work as well. The most difficult thing still seems to be how to get there. Every time I seem to manage to walk in the wrong direction and every volunteer I ask for directions seems to be sending me the wrong way. The training wasn't very difficult
itself. Many speeches and a lot of obvious remarks. My work will mainly be helping all the spectators. Directing them the correct way, translate if necessary and looking to see what I can do. It'll be in the Olympic park, though
unfortunately I won't be inside any of the stadiums. So it might not seem the most exiting job, but I'm confident it'll turn out okay during the games.

Further news. During the Olympics I will be writing a weekly column, based on my Olympic diary, for the local newspaper back home. Not a major paper, but it's a start, I guess. Apart from that I get a daily phone call from
a regional radio station to keep them updated on the latest news from Sydney.

So apart from work and visiting several events, I will be kept busy the next couple of weeks.

Until the next mail

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