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The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

First book

Number: 04-001
Title: Brood en spelen
Author: Bart Chabot
Language: Dutch
# Pages: 669
Category: Biography
ISBN: 90-388-1408-9

Part three in a series of four biographies of the only Dutch rock star Herman Brood. In the previous two one can read about the chaotic life of the singer, his drug habits, his art, his family. This third episode is about the tour of Dutch and Flemish theatres he did with his friend and biographer Bart Chabot and author and fellow speed addict Jules Deelder.

From a script with a lot of improvisation, their show gradually changes to improvisation full stop. The living nightmare of theatre directors across the country becomes truth. Three different artists, sometimes showing up only just before show time, sometimes even after, just going on stage and see what happens. One night completely brilliant followed by a standing ovation, the next one complete chaos with people wanting their money back. Chabot, the only non drug user of the three, also finds a task for himself in writing this book during the tour. He is usually the first one up after the break, as the other two are still stuck with a needle in their arm.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading their antics on the road. I kept myself awake at night by reading another 100 pages before going to sleep. Yet I also feel that the 669 pages are a bit exaggerated. Chabot could have written a brilliant book with only 400. It was not necessary to turn this part into a diary. Some jokes come back several times. Not a problem on stage, but while reading them, it gets boring. One more part to go, the last one, as Herman Brood is no longer amongst us.

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