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The more traveling I do, the more wise I become

Fokke en Sukke, het afzien van 2003 (04-003)

Number: 04-003
Title: Fokke & Sukke, het afzien van 2003
Author: Reid, Geleijnse & Van Tol
Language: Dutch
# Pages: 112 (909)
Category: Humor
ISBN: 90-6169-698-4

The best cartoons from last year. Their own unique view, the world from the perspective of the evil cousins of Donald Duck. I'll try to describe one cartoon, knowing that very probably I'll fail miserably.

Our two heroes stand behind a desk, one can read the sign The White House, the stars and stripes in the background confirm this. The setting seems to be another press conference. Title: Fokke and Sukke will explain all arguments once more. Fokke is first: "And last but not least", Sukke adds: " Saddam is ignoring all American book keeping rules on a regular basis!!!"

Fokke and Sukke tell me how to look at the world.

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