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Lisa Bresner – Hong Kong souvenir (04-004)

Number: 04-004
Title: Hong Kong souvenir
Author: Lisa Bresner
Language: Dutch (original: French)
# Pages: 124 (1033)
Category: Literature
ISBN: 90-5226-471-6

Bought this one to read in the train, walking in the city, just before going home. Having travelled a lot, I am always interested in reading about foreign cultures. So this book seemed a nice way to find out a bit more about Asia, China in particular.

I’m afraid that aim didn’t really come true. What I want to say is that I completely not understood the story. It is probably me, but there is so much happening in the story that doesn’t seem related to each other, I just can’t follow it. Which is a shame, as it cost me a lot of trouble finishing it, even though it is not a big book at all.

Street gangs, Chinese mafia, taoistic eroticism, strange family relations, all involved somehow. I can’t tell the link.
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