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Herman Brusselmans – Pitface (04-009)

Number: 04-009
Title: Pitface
Author: Herman Brusselmans
Language: Dutch (Belgium)
# Pages: 202 (2140)
Category: Literature
ISBN: 90-461-4001-6

Brusselmans calls himself the young upper god of Flemish literature. I cannot disagree with him. He is the best author from that particular part of the world. I think he is one of the best to write in Dutch full stop.

Pitface is a sign of the times. The main character with that name is an author who hardly publishes (contrary to Brusselmans himself who publishes about 2 books a year) but mainly hangs around in bars, drinks whiskey, takes the occasional in fashion drug and drives around in stolen cars. In between he kills some people, because the world is better off without them. Tarantino movies do spring to mind when you read the first chapters. His mate is a nitwit who deals and rapes for fun. This all seems a bit harsh, if it wasn’t for the humour that is in every conversation. Black humour obviously, but funny nonetheless.

This book isn’t for everybody. One has to able to cope with mindless violence, loveless sex, corrupt policemen, stupid drug dealers and the dark view of society that Pitface has. On the very last page he calls himself Brusselmans suddenly. This might be a hint that Pitface (a name that probably wasn’t chosen at random either) is the dark side of Brusselmans himself. I guess this is what goes through your mind on a rainy Sunday afternoon when the world seems a shithole. Most ordinary people then become depressed, become addicted to booze or drugs, Brusselmans turns it into a book. We, his readers, are better of that way.

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