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Mart Smeets – Sterren (04-011)

Mart Smeets – Sterren (04-011)

Number: 04-011
Title: Sterren
Author: Mart Smeets
Language: Dutch
# Pages: 223 (2491)
Category: Sports, Music, Food
ISBN: 90-204-0763-5

Smeets puts his columns together in a book before christmas. Put in a diary from the Tour de France and it’s something new. His sports columns are great, his taste in music worth reading, though I had read most of these already, since I read the magazine they appeared in. The stories about restaurants where he ate, are not my taste. I get bored to find out that he always finds a place where the menu is nice, the wine is expensive, even though he always seems to choose the 40 dollar/euro bottle. But some of the observations he does in those places are funny anyway, so it certainly wasn’t a punishment to read them.

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