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Julia Butterfly Hill – Luna’s erfenis (04-012)

Julia Butterfly Hill – Luna’s erfenis (04-012)

Number: 04-012
Title: Luna’s erfenis (The legacy of Luna)
Author: Julia Butterfly Hill
Language: Dutch (tr. From American)
# Pages: 224 (2715)
Category: Autobiography
ISBN: 90-5108-463-3

One day Julia decided that she had to do something for the world. That there is more to life than finding a job, funding a family and live happily ever after. She bumps into some people protesting against trees being cut down, joins them (strange event: one minute you’re travelling with friends, the next you’re a protester) and becomes one of the people sitting in a tree. As long as someone sits in a tree, the tree can’t be cut down.

One thing leads to another, before she knows she is a famous tree sitter who spends day and night in the tree they called Luna. She stays there for nearly two years and becomes something of a celebrity.

In this book she tells the story of living in height, the struggle with Pacific lumber, the company that is destroying the forest and all the publicity that sitting in a tree generates. Obviously she sees thing narrow-mindedly, but the passion she spreads is genuine. I admire her for her dedication. But I can’t relate to her. However bad it is that the earth is being destroyed, throwing away years of your life for such a small case, to me is like a pyrrhic victory. To her it was probably more a case of “it’s a dirty job but someone’s got to do it”.
Good book. Easy read. Funny coincidence: The day I decided to read it in the train on my way to a political meeting, in the adjacent room an organisation for the protection of trees was meeting. Omen?
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