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Hard Gras 37 – Het voetbal en de dood (04-015)

Hard Gras 37 – Het voetbal en de dood (04-015)

Number: 04-015
Title: Het voetbal en de dood
Author: Hard Gras 37
Language: Dutch
Year: 2004
# Pages: 109 (3188)
Category: Sports
ISBN: 90-204-0718-X

6 stories, a few more poems and one comic. All with the same theme: Football and death. Opening story immediately got me silent. Hugo Borst, controversial journalist, has been e-mailing for a while with Michel Boerebach and visited him as well. The former professional lost his two sons when his former wife had a car crash last summer. Obviously his world has fallen apart. He is rapidly becoming an alcoholic. He has started writing poetry. Several of his poems are in the story. If you didn’t know the background, they would be considered extremely embarrassing. Now it his way of trying to cope with his feelings. How important can a game be, after you’ve lost your children? He is still the trainer of a good amateur side near where I live. Sometimes he goes there, but he sits on the bench and doesn’t feel anything. Tragic story.

Also a good story on Rob de Wit (one of my football heroes) who survived two brain haemorrhages. He was close to death. Now he lives a happy life, raises a son and is not bitter of the tragic faith he had to suffer. His team mates in the eighties went on to win the European championship in 1988, he cannot even walk properly anymore. Some great examples of the cruel football humour: “brain haemorrhages, I didn’t even know you had a brain”. Or after his first attack he managed to comeback and trained with Ajax again. On a bad day he walked difficult: “Robbie, drunk again?”

A brilliant edition of this series.

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