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Iain Banks – Canal dreams (04-025)

Iain Banks – Canal dreams (04-025)

Number: 04-025
Title: Canal dreams
Author: Iain Banks
Language: English
Year: 1989
# Pages: 198 (4592)
Category: Fiction
ISBN: 0-349-10171-X

Hisako Onoda, world famous cellist, refuses to fly. To perform in Europe she travels on an oil tanker, passing through the Panama canal. Exactly then this country seems to end up in a civil war, with American interests threatened. 3 boats are stuck between two locks in the canal. Hisako will miss several concerts, but that is only one of the tiny problems she faces.

Banks again manages to capture the reader in an epic tale, describing the world at its worst, though very realistic. The one sided heroin suddenly appears to have many sides to her personality, political problems figure prominently but simultaneously one could just read the book as an adventure novel. Not Banks’ best book, but certainly one that ranks high. Like nearly all of his books I have to say.

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