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De Muur 6 (04-029)

De Muur 6 (04-029)

Number: 04-029
Title: De Muur 6
Author: Diversen (Dimitri Verhulst, Peter Ouwerkerk e.a.)
Language: Dutch
Year: 2004
# Pages: 112 (5363)
Category: Sports
ISBN: 90-204-0460-1

Part 6 in the series with cycling stories, completely dedicated to the most beautiful classic race in this sport; The Tour of Flanders. 11 stories and 2 poems. Jeroen Wielaert has done some good research and tells us about the beginning of the last century, when the race developed into a classic. Mart Smeets has found another photographer who tells us a few things, though the pictures actually tell us much more. A portrait of former manager Lomme Driesens by Peter Ouwerkerk is worth more pages, perhaps the start of a biography?

Herman Chevrolet dismisses the story about the last of the real Flandriens and Bart Jungmann goes back in time with Johan Lammers, who won the race as a young and upcoming new star and later had to admit that this was the highlight of his career.

Again this series proofs that cycling is the sport most suitable for literature.

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